The KICPA was established in 1954 by what is now known as the CPA Act, with the purpose to heighten morality, improve or develop the functions of CPAs and instruct or supervise its members. Our role has since evolved to include a much wider scope of objectives and activities.
  • Our mission is to enhance the social value of CPAs. To this end, the KICPA performs the following:
  • serves as trusted and respected experts and improves the quality of our members’ professions in the field of accountancy, through providing supports in the areas of professional ethics, and in ensuring remuneration is commensurate to the services they offer;
  • contributes to the practice of a strong and transparent accountancy profession so as to enable the public to make economic decisions that are both rational and reasonable;
  • participates in the advancement of the nation’s economic credibility through proactive compliance with global standards as a competent member of the International Federation of Accountants and other international accountancy organizations.
The KICPA with over 23,000 members is dedicated to serving the public interest by strengthening the profession and promoting its social value.