2020 Mr.Young-Sik Kim elected as the 45th President of KICPA
2019 A book titled “South-North Koreas' Economic Cooperation - “Unification” of accounting
should come first” published
2019 Standard Audit Hours announced
2018 Code of Conduct for Professional Accountants established
2018 A book titled “Double Entry: how the merchants of Gaeseong surprised the world” published
2018 First event celebrating the Day of Accounting held
2018 First Summer Camp for Youth operated
2018 Mr. Joong-Kyung Choi re-elected as the 44th President of KICPA
2017 Auditor’s opinion and audit results considered when deciding whether one is subject to tax investigation (Framework Act on National Taxes)
2017 Young Processional (YP) composed of university students launched
2017 Act on External Audit of Stock Companies revised with the adoption of periodic designation of auditors, Standard Audit Hours and others
2017 New Year Greetings Event held
2016 Prof. Cho Ik-soon, first KICPA member who joined the Hall of Fame for Accounting
2016 Special committee, designed to promote sound accounting and sound economy, established
2016 Women’s Committee and Young CPA Committee established
2016 Mr. Joong-Kyung Choi elected as the 43rd President of KICPA
2015 The 19th CAPA Conference held in Seoul
2014 Mr. Sung-won Kang reelected as 42nd President of KICPA
2013 Joint and several liability shifted to proportionate liability for auditors
IFAC Council Meeting held in Seoul
2012 Dr. In-Ki Joo, former vice president of KICPA , joins IFAC Board
Mr. Sung-won Kang takes office as 41st president of KICPA
2011 Win bid to host 19th CAPA Conference in 2015
IFAC CAP meeting held in Seoul
CAPA Board and Council meeting held in Seoul
2010 National Accounting Standards Centre opens
2009 Dr. In-Ki Joo, former vice president of KICPA, takes office as president of CAPA
IFRS Support Centre opens
IFAC IAASB meeting held in Seoul
2008 Mr. Oh-Hyung Kwon takes office as 39th president of KICPA
2007 Korea XBRL Centre established
2006 Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants issued
2005 Jeonbuk branch opens
Standards on Review of International Accounting Control System issued
Cyber education system for KICPA members introduced
2004 50th Anniversary of KICPA
Mr. Tae-Sik Suh takes office as 37th president of KICPA
“CPA -50 Years of Evolution” published
1997 KICPA headquarters relocated to Chungjeongro, Seodaemun-Gu, Seoul
1996 Signed collaboration agreement with CICPA
1994 Busan, Daegu, Gwangju and Daejeon branches open
IFAC IESBA meeting held in Seoul
1993 “CPA Monthly” journal launched
1991 Signed collaboration agreement with JICPA
KICPA Training Centre opens
1989 12th CAPA Conference held in Seoul
1984 18th general meeting of CAPA held in Seoul
1983 KICPA included as permanent member of CAPA
1982 Korean Standards on Auditing Issued
1980 The Act on External Audit of Stock Companies enacted
1978 KICPA included as member of IFAC
1973 External Audit System implemented through the Securities and Exchange Act
1970 Council of KICPA established
1966 Changed to current name of KICPA
The CPA Act enacted, replacing the Accountants Act
1957 Chosun Institute of Accountants included as member of CAPA
1950 The Accountants Act enacted
1945 Chosun Institute of Accountants established, predecessor of KICPA