• General Assembly
  • The General Assembly is the chief decision-making body comprised of its KICPA members. It convenes on an annual basis (within a period of 90 days from the closing day of its fiscal year) and may hold ad hoc sessions to deal with presenting matters. Its resolutions are made based on the consent from the voting attendees in assembly. The General Assembly agenda includes the approval of budgets and expenditures, the enactment or revision of bylaws, and appointment or dismissal of the president and vice president of the Board of Directors.
  • Council
  • The Council serves as the legislative body of the KICPA and reports directly to the General Assembly. The Council consists of 80 members or more, the number of which is limited to 120. To nominate council members, KICPA members are grouped into a certain number of blocks. Each block of members names one council member as their representative. Council members vote on issues that are approved by simple majority of the voting members. Main agenda items include issues to be presented to the General Assembly, approval of budget reallocation, establishment and revision of bylaws, and appointment or dismissal for non-executive directors and members of certain committees.
  • Board of Directors
  • The Board of Directors (BoD) acts as the executive body that implements specific resolutions on significant issues on the overall affairs of the KICPA. The BoD comprises the president of the KICPA, 3-5 vice presidents, and 10-15 directors. The BoD agenda items include matters to be conveyed to the General Assembly and the Council, material changes in assets and liabilities, and matters to be delegated to the General Assembly or the Council.