To become a CPA in Korea, the candidate must first pass the eligibility requirements prescribed in the CPA Act, and shall pass Levels 1 and 2 Examinations facilitated by the FSC.

  • Eligibility to Sit for CPA Examination
  • Level 1
  • ndividuals may sit for the examination regardless of nationality, age and experience. The candidate must complete more than 24 credits in accounting and related subjects: 12 credits in accounting and taxation, 9 credits in business administration, and 3 credits in economics.
  • Level 2
  • Individuals passing Level 1 or those who are recognized by the CPA Act and exempt from Level 1 may sit for Level 2.
  • Format of Examinations and Subjects
  • Format
  • Level 1 is multiple-choice questions. Individuals passing Level 1 are eligible to sit for Level 2 in the current or the following year.
  • Level 2 is essay questions. Individuals passing Levels 1 and 2 shall receive Certificate issued by the FSC at the KICPA.
  • Examinations are written in Korean.
  • Subjects
  • Level 1: business administration, basic economics, commercial law, basic tax law + English aptitude tests*
  • Level 2: tax accounting, financial accounting, auditing, cost accounting, corporate finance (partial exemption**)
  • Individuals are required to obtain certain scores in English aptitude tests including TOEFL (more than 530 in PBT, 197 in CBT or 71 in IBT), TOEIC (more than 700) or TEPS (more than 625).
  • Individuals passing Level 1 in the current year and scoring not less than 60% by subject in Level 2 are exempt from Level 2 Examination on the relevant subject in the following year.
  • Please find the FSS website for further details.
  • A person who has obtained the CPA certificate upon passing the examinations must fulfill the following experience and education requirements to obtain the license to practice in accounting:
  • not less than 1 year of work experience in accounting firms or other designated organizations to perform CPA work;
  • not less than 100 hours of training offered by the KICPA.

To perform audits, he or she is required to have an additional 1 year of work experience in accounting firms or other designated organizations.